Market Requirement

After 25 years experience in providing meaningful automation services to the large manufacturing sectors, we witnessed the lack of access to automation experienced by small to medium scale manufacturers. This was mainly due to small and medium scale enterprises being boxed into the same category as their larger cousins in the marketplace. Smaller manufacturers were offered the same solutions and expected to spend the same budgets to effect a return on investment. We understand that this is not practical and that small and medium scale enterprises require different automation and appropriate levels of technology to suit their markets.

How do we do this?

By offering suitable solutions that that can be maintained with less skill without sacrificing the end goal of each solution. Systems are kept simple and intuitive to facilitate easy faultfinding without the need for expensive skills, complicated diagnostic equipment or service contracts.

Get the advantage you deserve

The improvements that we can offer you could allow you to return to your pre-loadshedding performance levels by manufacturing more product in less time.

Could you sell everything that you make? Let us implement changes to increase your total production.

Would an increase in production result in less overtime, or possibly a reduction in night shift or weekends?

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